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7500 Stewart Avenue
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Linetec is a part of Apogee Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOG), founded in 1949 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Apogee, is a growing, profitable company with annual revenues approaching $1.5 billion. It provides distinctive metal and glass solutions for enclosing commercial buildings, and glass and acrylic solutions for picture framing and display applications.

Companies in the Apogee family are Alumicor, Efco, Harmon, Linetec, Sotawall, Tru Vue, Tubelite, Viracon and Wausau.
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Linetec has earned a long-standing reputation as a leader in environmentally-conscious practices and finishing options.

As a USGBC member, Linetec supports green building finishing through ongoing research and environmentally-friendly business practices.

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Linetec's company blog is a one-stop resource for anyone with questions on architectural finishing.

The blog includes announcements, industry observations, project highlights and technical information. As a visitor please take the opportunity to ask questions and give suggestions.

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Company History

Linetec was founded in 1983, by its parent company Apogee Enterprises Inc. Apogee's companies specialize in glass, coatings and architectural products, so establishing a finishing company focused on architectural products was a natural fit.

The increasing demand by architects for windows of different colors spawned Linetec. As hardly anyone was specializing in coating architectural products, this was a niche waiting to be filled.

Linetec started in Wausau, Wisconsin in June of 1983 with a small facility and a single paint line. Scott Platta managed Linetec with 20 employees and a 40,000 square foot building capable of applying enamel, acrylic and Kynar paint finishes.

Linetec was only the second paint line in the U.S. to paint Kynar coatings in a single pass.

In 1984, Linetec's field service department was founded and sent on its first project to a 34-story, high-rise bank in Kuwait. Dale Robinson, a paint line supervisor was sent to Kuwait to inspect the project. Upon review, the only thing wrong with the material was the fact that they were off-loading it with wire cable, wrapping chains around it, and pulling it to the jobsite. Dale has since gone on to lead Linetec's field service as the field service manager.

Linetec's concern for the environment was evident as far back as 1984, when an environmental compliance officer was hired to coordinate all Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency compliance activities.

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