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Employee Quotes

“Working for a company that values the safety of their employees above all else is why I like working at Linetec”
- Name withheld

"After being with my former employer for the last 14 years, I was concerned as to how the transition would go. After the first day my concern was gone. The employees and supervisors made me feel a part of the team right away. I truly feel blessed and am very thankful! I look forward to many years with Linetec"
- Steven (4 month associate)

“From top management down to floor associates, each individual takes pride in their job. No matter what our job is, we all work together to achieve the same goals”
- Jeff (13 year associate)

“I am fortunate to be able to look forward to come to work. My supervisor trusts my judgment in many situations which allows me to excel in my area.”
- Name withheld (22 year associate

“Linetec’s Core Values help foster a respectful, caring, and family-like culture. When my daughter had cancer, employees donated vacation to me and had potlucks, bakesales, donating the proceeds to my family.”
- Gina (10 year associate)

Linetec associates - thermal department

“Linetec and Apogee are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve – investments are made constantly to both the company and the associates, with safety being the priority.”
- Dave (29 year associate)

“Compared to all the companies I’ve worked for, Linetec is the best because it is a safe and enjoyable workplace plus we get bonus, personal time, vacation and VIP. It’s a good place to work – that’s why I’ve been here for 13 years.
-Name withheld (13 year associate)

“Linetec leaders (by example) show associates how to achieve a level of excellence that gives them pride. A job done through teamwork is rewarded, for everyone – FOOD!”
- Annette (7 year associate)

Linetec LMI Associates

"Linetec establishes Core Values to provide each employee with a sense of ownership in the company, which has developed a mutual respect between management and employees. Linetec offers a comprehensive total rewards package to all employees. Excellent examples include incentives, special recognition programs, health and wellness benefits (including an onsite RN), education reimbursement, generous vacation and personal time and retirement benefits."
- Christa (10 month associate)

"Since starting in 2007 I have loved my job and have learned so much. Linetec encourages me to grow in all areas. I am grateful to work here!"
-Robin (6 year associate)

Linetec paint line associates
"At Linetec no one person is more important than another. We all work together in an environment of trust and respect. We have pride in our company and in each other."
- Colleen (1 year associate)


"I couldn't ask for a better group of associates to work with in Maintenance. Absolutely LOVE what I do. The maintenance team is just that, a team that is there to help and do what is needed."
- Teri (3 1/2 years of service)

“I like Linetec because not only is it a great productive company, but the people you work with are more than just co-workers – they become friends and some become like “family”. We all care about the success of the company be we all care about each other and that’s what makes Linetec special!”

- Name Withheld (29 years of service)

"Safe, friendly, enjoyable workplace. It's like a second home, after years of working there you make a lot of friends. Love all the food rewards too!"
- Steve (13 year associate)

"Linetec is a great place to work because everyone is friendly, productive and always tried their best to get the job done quickly, safely and with Linetec pride."
- Andy (1 month associate)


"Linetec provides continuous improvement for all associates. There are vast opportunities for continued education and additional job training available to everyone."
-Stefanie (2 month associate)

"Linetec embraces its company culture and Core Values. The company encourages and challenges their employees and offers outstanding service and reliability to its customers. I am truly proud to say that I work for Linetec."
- Tammy (14 year associate)

"They treat you with respect, make you feel welcome, keep you informed about the progress of the company, and is a good career opportunity."
- Monique (2 year associate)

Linetec Assoicates - Human Resources

"I like the food rewards we receive!"
- Scott (18 month associate)

"Linetec is a great place to work because of the many different opportunities to move to other departments and learn all the operations it takes to finish a piece of aluminum."
- Debbie (6 year associate)

"Good pay, great benefits, and tasty reward incentives!"
- Angela (7 year associate)

Linetec assoiates - Paint packaging
"I was treated better the first week at Linetec than I was the previous thirty years at my former employee."
- Lee (6 year associate)

"I like working at Linetec because of its up-to-date facilities and the fast-paced work keeps me challenged."
- Aaron (7 year associate)

"Yes, I like to work at Linetec because 1.) Linetec is a good company in Wausau. 2.) Linetec has good policies for every employee. 3.) Linetec does not discriminate against any people. I like working here."
-PaKoua (18 year associate)