Linetec Opportunities

Opportunity at Linetec

To attract and retain the very best, we are committed to providing opportunities that will allow our people to develop and grow as individuals and leaders. Continuous improvement is critical to our success as a team.

Learning Opportunities

On the job training.   If you meet the minimum posted requirement of a job, you'll be given hands-on, high quality job training to help you transition to your new career at Linetec.

Continue your formal education.   Linetec's Tuition Reimbursement Program provides financial assistance to employees continuing their education through local technical schools, universities and on-line degree programs.

Job/Technical skills training.   Both on-site and off-site training is available even after you've been with Linetec for a period of time. Seminars, technical trade shows, hands-on classroom instruction and other options ensure our team stays current with industry trends and technology.

Career Opportunities

Internal job postings allow Linetec associates to further their career and move into new positions.

Rotational or project assignments help individuals learn without leaving their present position.

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Linetec workers

"Linetec is a great place to work because of the many different opportunities to move to other departments and learn all the operations it takes to finish a piece of aluminum."
- Debbie (6 year associate)

"Since starting in 2007 I have loved my job and have learned so much. Linetec encourages me to grow in all areas. I am grateful to work here!"
- Robin (6 year associate)