WHy LInetec

I came to Linetec with a very diverse past work history
and wasn’t sure how my experience and knowledge would mesh into a manufacturing job. Manufacturing jobs in this area are on the rise and in demand and I was looking for a job with security, great pay, benefits, a great work environment, and a good work schedule. After interviewing with several local businesses, I found myself at Linetec. I didn’t know a lot about Linetec but I was impressed by their staff and how they based their operations around their core values. When offered a position, I quickly accepted.

Linetec is truly a company where you “get what you put in”. Hard work leads to higher profits. Linetec’s profit sharing is higher than any sign on bonus I have heard advertised from other businesses and you get that every year, not just when you sign on! The production rewards, safety rewards, and health incentives are second-to- none. Every week there are postings for new jobs. Linetec mostly promotes from within, so if you are motivated and driven there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career.

I had almost no factory experience and was worried that I wouldn’t find a place to fit in. But Linetec is such a large company with so many different positions and shifts, it was easy to find a job that I love doing and shift schedule that works perfect for me and my family. I have a long commute and the 12-hour shifts significantly cut down my monthly drive time and it’s amazing having every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off with two days off during every work week.

- Robert (7 month associate)