Flat Sheet Service

Linetec is a full-service quality source for your flat sheet and brake metal projects.

Some of the benefits you'll receive by taking advantage of Linetec's flat sheet service include:


  • In Stock. Reduce freight costs by 50%. Linetec stocks multiple sheet sizes, and can provide sizes and thicknesses of any desire.
  • In-House Blending Capabilities.  Linetec in-house blends high-performance 70% Kynar, intermediate 50% Kynar, and baked enamel coatings. Having in-house blend capabilities allows us to better meet our customers needs in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Custom Color Sheet in Paint or Anodize.  Linetec stocks mill finish sheets, ready to be finished in any custom color.
  • 24 to 48 Hour Rush Service.  Linetec can provide rush service on custom color painted stocked sheets as fast as 24 to 48 hours.

Damage Free

  • Trucking.  Transportation by Linetec's own fleet of trucks ensures damage-free delivery. Read more
  • Polymask/Crating. Linetec offers custom packaging to meet any customer requirements. Protective mask and crating services available to further ensure protection of flat sheets and brake metal.


  • Minimum Rack Marks.  Linetec's method for racking flat sheets leaves only two point marks along both sides of one edge of the sheet, within a 1/2 inch of the outside.
  • Rack-Mark Free.  Using an innovative method of racking material .090 and thicker, leaves painted sheets completely free of rack marks.
  • Fabrication.  Brake metal fabrication services are available through Linetec and our network of fabrication partners and customers. Read more
  • Spattercoat Finishes.  Spattercoat finishes offer unique and endless options for a completely personalized building. Spattercoat custom finishes offer multi-colors, depth and texture. Read more

Extrusion partners

While Linetec works with almost every extruder in the United States, customers may find a benefit to working with these local extruders.

Because of their close proximity to Linetec (0 to 4 hours) non-value-added steps and costs between extruder / fabricator and finisher, such as freight and packaging may be reduced. Contact extruders directly for more information. Read More

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